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Project Description

Patricia Flewwelling is an author that came to me searching for a new website she could call home to her wide range of content. This purple and green styled site was built to provide a magazine web format. This was an ideal solution for Patricia’s content which included author interviews, blog posts, book reviews, and event information.

I really enjoyed working with Adam.  After almost 18 months of trying to design something on my own and after being dissatisfied with overpriced, complicated offers from big name website design companies, I took a chance on the “little guy”.  Because I was a client and not an order number on an assembly line, Adam took the time to clearly understand my needs, to explain options, to produce results on time, and he stayed within my budget.  He notified me of any hiccups in the build, he worked one-on-one with my web host to fix problems, and he contacted me weeks after the build to make sure I was satisfied with what he had created.  You can buy into Brand Name promises of quick and cheap, or you can work with someone who takes personal pride in his own business – and in yours.  As my company grows, I’ll be looking to Adam to upgrade my site, because his results – and his work ethic – have won me over.
Patricia Flewwelling (

Project Details

  • Date February 20, 2013
  • Tags Web Design

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